All the tools you have ever wanted as a recruiter - in one single platform!


The Only Recruitment Tool Loaded With 40+ Features

Applicant tracking spreadsheets are stopgaps. You really need to adopt a smarter, intelligent, automated Applicant Tracking System.

TurboHire provides the missing crucial link between smart recruiters at growth-stage companies and high-caliber talent looking to join them!


Smart Filters To Find Relevant Candidates

To pick the top 10 from a pool of 100 candidates who applied for the job, TurboHire's candidate smart filers are the most effective way to screen candidates in any exhaustive database.


Candidate Calibration In Resume Screening

To get shortlisted results of candidates with specific weightage to skills, qualifications, and expertise TurboHire's augmented intelligence enables human-machine collaboration.


Candidate Smart Cards Instead Of Long Resumes

TurboHire converts resumes from a candidate database into smart cards to enable the recruitment team to assess and evaluate candidates at a glance to find the right fit.


Interview Scheduler And Interacting With Candidates

TurboHire's in-built interviewing tool comes with an automated interview scheduler as well as seamless communication integrations to interact with the candidates.


Collaborate With Team Members Across The Firm

Recruitment almost always involves fellow team mates. Easy collaboration within the TurboHire platform saves you the time of chasing colleagues and countless follow-ups.


Video Interviews & Candidate Evaluations Side-by-side

Imagine the convenience of having all the information you need about the candidate, along with an evaluation form, while you conduct a video interview - TurboHire makes it possible.

“TurboHire has improved the interviewer and candidate experience.The hiring qualityhas seen a consistent rise, and we have reduced the dependency on recruitmentconsultants to a large extent.”


“TurboHire is an intelligent recruiting tool that adds immense firepower to therecruiter’s daily workflows and optimizes the efforts of hiring managers withcustom reporting.”


“TurboHire has applied the best insights and come up with a simply stunning solution that will leave your recruiters wondering why they waited this long to try it.”


Consistent High Performer Across Seasons

Awards and accolades are recognition from the world of TurboHire being one of the best AI Recruitment Technologies out there.

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Track Applicants Seamlessly.
Improve Candidate Experience. Hire Quality Talent Quickly.

Track Applicants Seamlessly. Improve Candidate Experience. Hire Quality Talent Quickly.